Aawii, Trade Your Way

Client Brief:

We are needing a marketplace that allows people to trade with each other the way they want. We want people to free be able to communicate with each other as well. We want a social marketplace.

Our Solution:

Firstly, we need to keep it simple and pretty close to the Facebook and Amazon platforms, because habits have been formed and we will like to not have such a big change for the users. Do to the massive size and the double-sided markets you will encounter the app should be Native. We will build application in sprints and change and edit as we go.

Aawii Project Target

Create a social marketplace that gives people the freedom to trade how they want.

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Real Like Prototype

Play with it!

We created a prototype of the key features to quickly display for investors. Getting a prototype made also helps the developers to understand exactly what you want built. This prototype came with app icon and the layout is exactly like an app when implemented on your phone.


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